US Serif Software DrawPlus X8

Drawing just got easier with Draw Plus X8 Create amazing logos, drawings and designs, paintings and sketches to make you, your business, club or charity stand-out above everyone else. Get started right away with the helpful start-up assistant, informative tutorials and the ability to import your existing designs. Enjoy all this, and so much more in Draw Plus X8. Change the way you draw custom lines, shapes and curves, as well as merging and blending. Quick Shapes allow you to create fantastic shapes in just a few clicks. And enjoy a more natural way of drawing lines using B-Splines and hairlines. Create the perfect logo Easily make a logo with intuitive Quick Shapes and a brand new Replicate Tool. Add a new dimension to your logos with the Instant 3D tool, as well as artistic text and choose from thousands of Pantone colors. Print your designs Prepare your stunning designs for print in just a few minutes. Draw Plus X8 supports PDF/X-1, 1a, PDF/X-3, SVG and native EPS export that will guarantee your final output will be compatible with professional printers and software. Get technical Use connector tools and perspective planes to create scaled layouts and isometric drawings. Then use preset Vector Pattern Fills such as hatching, as well as custom fills to add texture and detail to your drawings and sketches. Enhance your photos Import photos or convert drawings to pictures and enhance them using Photo Lab, Cutout and Auto Trace studios. Enjoy a range of stunning effects as well as essential edits. Paint like a pro Paint beautiful pictures with brushes such as charcoal, watercolors, pastel and so much more. Enjoy photo-quality spray brushes and give yourself a more hands-on experience by using graphic tablets and the built-in Pressure Studio. Perfect presentations Use The Rostrum Slideshow to create your business or club presentations. Make smooth transitions between each section and keep your audience engaged using simple yet stunning effects such as pan and zoom.

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